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life: <值>
<释> "How long till this projectile gets removed if it hasn't hit a target, 300 might be a good starting point, change depending on speed and range"
life: 300

deflectionPower: <值> float
<释> Defaults to 1. Energy needed for laser defence to deflect. -1 to disable deflection (only disable for special weapons like flames)
deflectionPower: -1

explodeOnEndOfLife <值> bool
<释> Default to false. True to explode at end of life with all side effects and area damage instead of disappearing. Good for making area-denial weapons.
explodeOnEndOfLife: true

autoTargetingOnDeadTarget: <值> bool
<释> Retarget to nearby unit if target dies while in transit
autoTargetingOnDeadTarget: true

autoTargetingOnDeadTargetRange <值> int
<释> The range which it will select a new target if old target has died
autoTargetingOnDeadTargetRange: 100

autoTargetingOnDeadTargetLead <值> float
<释> The lead it will try to have on the new target
autoTargetingOnDeadTargetLead: 300

unloadUpToXUnitsFromSource <值> int
<释> "Unload X units from source unit, to projectile explode location"
unloadUpToXUnitsFromSource: 2

teleportSource <值> bool
<释> Move unit that shot this projectile to projectile explode location
teleportSource: true

spawnUnit <值> unit types
<释> Spawn new units of this type at projectile explode location

spawnProjectilesOnEndOfLife <值> projectile ref
<释> "Spawns new projectiles on end of life, useful for secondary projectiles"

spawnProjectilesOnExplode <值> projectile ref
<释> Projectiles to spawns when this projectile hits it's target
spawnProjectilesOnExplode: flachette*4

spawnProjectilesOnCreate <值>
<释> "Spawns projectiles on creation of this projectile, useful for making true shotgun-like projectile spread"
spawnProjectilesOnCreate: stage2

convertHitToSourceTeam <值> bool
<释> Convert units hit to the team that fired this projectile. Useful to make capturing systems
convertHitToSourceTeam: true

tags <值> tags
<释> Useful for projectile interceptions (e.g. Nuke and Anti-Nuke Interaction)
"tags: nuke, missile"

flameWeapon: <值> bool
<释> Generates small flames on hit (only cosmetic)
flameWeapon: true

delayedStartTimer <值> float
<释> Hide for x time before showing and updating effect.
delayedStartTimer: 2s

directDamage: <值> int
<释> Damage to target unit on hit. Does not work with targetGround:true as it won't have a clear unit to target
directDamage: 30

areaDamage: <值> int
<释> "Damages on arrival of target with an area effect, use areaRadius to adjust size of damage. targetGround needs this to damage"
areaDamage: 10

areaRadius: <值> float
<释> How wide areaDamage effects. Note this drops off (unless areaDamageNoFalloff is used)
areaRadius: 100

areaDamageNoFalloff <值> bool
<释> Removes the falloff from areaDamage
areaDamageNoFalloff: true

areaRadiusFromEdge <值> bool
<释> Applies damage from edge of units instead of center. Mostly effects large units.
areaRadiusFromEdge: true

areaExpandTime <值> float
<释> Applies area damage as an expanding blast wave rather than instantly. Useful for nuke projectiles
areaExpandTime: 1s

areaHitAirAndLandAtSameTime <值> bool
<释> Defaults to false
areaHitAirAndLandAtSameTime: true

areaHitUnderwaterAlways <值> bool
<释> Defaults to false
areaHitUnderwaterAlways: true

areaIgnoreUnitsCloserThan <值> int
<释> Units closer than this range aren't effected. Rarely needed. Not recommended for normal projectiles.
areaIgnoreUnitsCloserThan: 10

buildingDamageMultiplier <值> float
<释> Defaults to 1
buildingDamageMultiplier: 3

shieldDamageMultiplier <值> float
<释> Defaults to 1. 0 to do no damage to shields and 2 to do double damage
shieldDamageMultiplier: 1.4

shieldDefectionMultiplier <值> float
<释> Defaults to 1. The amount of shield to bypass. 0 to ignore shields and directly damage hull
shieldDefectionMultiplier: 1.55

hullDamageMultiplier <值> float
<释> Defaults to 1. Can be used to create EMP weapons that affect shields only. 0 to ignore hull and only damage shields
hullDamageMultiplier: 2

ignoreParentShootDamageMultiplier <值> bool
<释> Sets whether multipliers are applied or not regardless of multipliers set in attack or setUnitStats
ignoreParentShootDamageMultiplier: true

armourIgnoreAmount <值> int
<释> Amount of armour to ignore on target and do damage as if this armour was not there

friendlyFire <值> bool/string
<释> Lets area effect projectiles damage own team units (can't damage allies). Useful for nuke-like weapons
friendlyFire: false / friendlyFire: true / friendlyFire: only-ignoreEnemy

mutatorX_ifUnitWithTags <值> tags
<释> Applies mutators to this projectile if target has corresponding tags
mutator1_ifUnitWithTags: infantry

mutatorX_ifUnitWithoutTags <值> tags
<释> "Same as ifUnitWithTags, but applies if target doesn't have the set tags"
mutator1_ifUnitWithoutTags: strongArmour

mutatorX_directDamageMultiplier <值> float
<释> Changes directDamage. Defaults to 1. Be careful not to confuse players using this as the effect may not be clear. Use amour instead when possible. Replace X with desired name
mutatorX_directDamageMultiplier: 5

mutatorX_areaDamageMultiplier <值> float
<释> Same as directDamageMultiplier but for areaDamage. Defaults to 1.
mutatorX_areaDamageMultiplier: 1.2

mutatorX_changedExplodeEffect <值> effect
<释> Change explode effect if this mutator is active. Eg make a bounce off amour effect. Helps to make the damage change more clear to players (Doesn't work with targetGround.)
mutatorX_changedExplodeEffect: CUSTOM:specialBlast

mutatorX_addResourcesDirectHit <值> resource
<释> Add resource to all direct hit units. Warning: Be careful not be break units from other mods by adding random resources or energy to them that they don't expect.

mutatorX_addResourcesAreaHit <值> resource
<释> Add resource to all area hit units. Warning: Be careful not be break units from other mods by adding random resources or energy to them that they don't expect.

targetGround <值> bool
<释> "Target ground, and don't home in on target. Note: only areaDamage is applied if targeting ground."
targetGround: true

targetGround_includeTargetHeight <值> bool
<释> Default false. for area affect AA weapons
targetGround_includeTargetHeight: 40

targetGroundHeightOffset <值> float
<释> Default 0. for shooting over or under a target. Useful for projectiles that split and rain down.
targetGroundHeightOffset: 10

speed: <值> float
<释> Projectile default travel speed
speed: 3

targetSpeed: <值> float
<释> Accelerate to this speed
targetSpeed: 5

targetSpeedAcceleration <值> float
<释> Controls the speed rampup for targetSpeed
targetSpeedAcceleration: 0.3

ballistic: <值> bool
<释> "Makes projectiles fly up into the air and come down, instead of going in a straight line"
ballistic: true

ballistic_delaymove_height: <值> float
<释> Sets up to how high the rise is delayed before completing the curve
ballistic_delaymove_height: 20

ballistic_height: <值> float
<释> Sets the height of the ballistic curve of the projectile
ballistic_height: 10

targetGroundSpread: <值> float
<释> Randomly makes the shot inaccurate by this amount. Also used by weapons like the flamethrower
targetGroundSpread: 20

speedSpread: <值> float
<释> Randomly change the starting projectile speed by this amount
speedSpread: 3

instant <值> bool
<释> Hit target instantly
instant: true

instantReuseLast: <值> bool
<释> "Recycles last projectile fired, only one projectile ever exists. Can turn lasers into beam weapons by using lower rate of fire and setting this to true"
instantReuseLast: true

instantReuseLast_alsoChangeTurretAim <值> bool
<释> "Make turret's aim include last projectile's spread and sweep offsets, useful for beam weapons"
instantReuseLast_alsoChangeTurretAim: true

instantReuseLast_keepAreaDamageList <值> bool
<释> Default false. Keeping the list was the normal behaviour in 1.13 making area damage not apply a second time but this is not useful. Use this only if you want the old behaviour.
instantReuseLast_keepAreaDamageList: true

interceptProjectile_removeTargetLifeOnly <值> bool
<释> Defaults to false. When false projectiles are just removed. Could be true to make hit projectiles explode or split when hit
interceptProjectile_removeTargetLifeOnly: true

disableLeadTargeting <值> bool
<释> Disable the lead targeting calculations when aiming at a moving target. Defaults false.
disableLeadTargeting: true

leadTargetingSpeedCalculation <值> float
<释> The expected speed of this projectile for targetGround lead target calculation. Defaults to 'targetSpeed' if set otherwise 'speed'.
leadTargetingSpeedCalculation: 2

initialUnguidedSpeedHeight <值>
<释> Sets vertical speed for projectiles with targetGround. Use gravity to make smooth arching projectiles. Better have gravity value slightly slower than this key to produce the arches.
initialUnguidedSpeedHeight: 30

gravity: <值>
<释> Controls the pull for projectiles that target ground. Use together with initialUnguidedSpeedHeight
gravity: 29

turnSpeed <值> float
<释> "Limits the turn speed of a projectile, making them inaccurate even with directDamage. Zero value will make it act like if targetGround is set true, but air target friendly option."
turnSpeed: 0

wobbleAmplitude <值> float
<释> How wide the projectile will wobble
wobbleAmplitude: 10

wobbleFrequency <值> float
<释> How often the projectile will wobble
wobbleFrequency: 4

pushForce <值> float
<释> Push (or pull with a negative value) the units that get hit. Divided by target mass
pushForce: 2

pushVelocity <值> float
<释> Push (or pull with a negative value) the units that get hit. Ignores target mass
pushVelocity: 5

moveWithParent <值> bool
<释> Move projectile as parent moves. Useful for beam effects that need to stick to source turret.
moveWithParent: true

sweepOffset <值> float
<释> Useful for beam effects.
sweepOffset: 0.5

sweepOffsetFromTargetRadius <值> float
<释> Add to sweep offset by factor of target's radius. 0.4 would be 40%
sweepOffsetFromTargetRadius: 0.4

sweepSpeed <值> float
<释> Useful for beam effects.
sweepSpeed: 1.5

retargetingInFlight <值> bool
<释> "Can retarget a new target mid-flight, perfect for flak-style weapons and projectiles that collide"
retargetingInFlight: true

retargetingInFlightSearchDelay <值> float/time
<释> How long between searching for new targets. Default 5
retargetingInFlightSearchDelay: 1s

retargetingInFlightSearchRange <值> int
<释> Range which targets are reselected. Default 120
retargetingInFlightSearchRange: 300

retargetingInFlightSearchLead <值> float
<释> The lead of the projectile to try to hit the target. Default 15
retargetingInFlightSearchLead: 30

retargetingInFlightSearchOnlyTags <值> tag ref
<释> Only retarget units with these tags
retargetingInFlightSearchOnlyTags: lightArmor

color <值> color
<释> Recolors this projectile using a hex value.
color: #bebe50

invisible <值> bool
<释> "When true, the projectile is not rendered but still functional."
invisible: true

image: <值> file (image)
<释> Use custom image. Overrides drawType and frame
image: bullet

drawType <值> int
<释> Built-in image to use. 0:projectiles.png 1:projectiles_large.png 2:projectiles2.png. Refer to end of sheet for the projectile images.

drawSize: <值> float
<释> Scale image. Defaults to 1
drawSize: 1.5

frame <值> int
<释> "Built-in image frame to use, starts at zero."
frame: 0

hitSound: <值> bool
<释> Default true
hitSound: true

explodeEffect <值> effect ref list
<释> Produces the specified effects upon explosion.
"explodeEffect: smallExplosion, CUSTOM:myExplodeEffect"

explodeEffectOnShield <值> effect ref list
<释> Use this effect if shield is active on target
explodeEffectOnShield: CUSTOM:EMPwave

teamColorRatio <值> float
<释> Mix 0-1 of team colour into color field
teamColorRatio: 1

teamColorRatio_sourceRatio <值> float
<释> default is (1-teamColorRatio). Keep more of color when mixing. Note this might saturate colors.
teamColorRatio_sourceRatio: 1

drawUnderUnits <值> bool
<释> "If true, renders the projectile under units. Great for torpedos."
drawUnderUnits: true

effectOnCreate <值> effect ref list
<释> Produces specified effects upon creation of the projectile.
effectOnCreate: CUSTOM:puff

shouldRevealFog <值> bool
<释> Reveal fog to player on explode
shouldRevealFog: true

alwaysVisibleInFog <值> bool
<释> Renders the projectile even when fog is present
alwaysVisibleInFog: false

nukeWeapon <值> bool
<释> "Shows on mini-map when fired. Some other side effects as well, like nuke explosion effect"
nukeWeapon: true

trailEffect <值> bool/effect
<释> "true for built-in defaults, but can also point to any custom effects"
"trailEffect: true, trailEffect: CUSTOM:rocketThrust"

trailEffectRate <值> float
<释> Defaults to 3
trailEffectRate: 4

lightCastOnGround <值> bool
<释> Renders light under the projectile
lightCastOnGround: true

lightSize: <值> float
<释> lightSize: 1.5

lightColor <值> color
<释> Sets the color of the light emitted by the projectile.
lightColor: #ffe92b

largeHitEffect: <值> bool
<释> Creates a large explosion and accompanying sound on hit (only cosmetic)
largeHitEffect: true

lightingEffect: <值> bool
<释> Draw as lighting works best with instant:true
lightingEffect: true

laserEffect: <值> bool
<释> Draw as laser works best with instant:true
laserEffect: true

beamImage <值> file (image)
<释> "Image to use for beam and laser effect type projectiles. Image is repeated vertically depending on the distance to target. Beam image should be 20 pixels or longer. Width does not matter, only the height."
beamImage: beam.png

beamImageOffsetRate <值> float
<释> Sets how fast the beam image moves towards or away from the target
beamImageOffsetRate: 1

beamImageStart <值> file (image)
<释> Sprite for the origin point of the custom beam
beamImageStart: beamStart.png

beamImageStartRotated <值> bool
<释> Defaults false. True to rotate with turret angle
beamImageStartRotated: true

beamImageEnd <值> file (image)
<释> Sprite for the end point of the custom beam
beamImageEnd: beamEnd.png

beamImageEndRotated <值> bool
<释> Defaults false
beamImageEndRotated: true