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movementType: <值> string
<释> "Defines what kind of terrain the unit will be able to move, along with other properties of unit types."
movementType: LAND

slowDeathFall: <值> bool
<释> Used with large aircraft. Makes the unit fall slowly while maintaining its speed at the time of death.
slowDeathFall: true

moveSpeed: <值> float
<释> Maximum movement speed of the unit.
moveSpeed: 1.2

moveAccelerationSpeed: <值> float
<释> Defines how fast units accelerate to max speed.
moveAccelerationSpeed: 0.07

moveDecelerationSpeed: <值> float
<释> Don't make this too low or units will have trouble stopping at waypoints
moveDecelerationSpeed: 0.17

reverseSpeedPercentage: <值> float
<释> 0.6 default. Over 0.4 will reverse for short distances (at 40% speed). If set to 1 will drive in reverse same as forwards. Useful if slow turning
reverseSpeedPercentage: 0

landOnGround: <值> bool
<释> Should flying unit land when idle.
landOnGround: false

targetHeight: <值> float
<释> Defaults to 0 but if AIR movementType default is 35
targetHeight: 25

targetHeightDrift: <值> float
<释> Smooth animated height change. Defaults to 0 but if AIR movementType default is 1.5
targetHeightDrift: 1

startingHeightOffset: <值> float
<释> Sets the initial height on spawn. Defaults at 0.
startingHeightOffset: 40

heightChangeRate: <值> float
<释> "Rate at which the unit changes height, either from converting or drifting"
heightChangeRate: 3

fallingAcceleration: <值> float
<释> The acceleration in which a unit drops

fallingAccelerationDead: <值> float
<释> fallingAcceleration but when destroyed

maxTurnSpeed: <值> float
<释> Sets the top turning speed of a unit
maxTurnSpeed: 4

turnAcceleration: <值> float
<释> Defines how fast units accelerate to max turn speed.
turnAcceleration: 1

moveSlidingMode: <值> bool
<释> "Makes the unit slide when moveDecelerationSpeed is lower, making them drift and feel natural"
moveSlidingMode: true

moveIgnoringBody: <值> bool
<释> "Allows the unit to move without fully turning in the direction its moving, useful for ships and air units"
moveIgnoringBody: true

moveSlidingDir: <值> int
<释> Sets direction when sliding
moveSlidingDir: 180

joinsGroupFormations: <值> bool
<释> "Defaults to true. Changing not recommended. When false, the unit will directly move to the assigned waypoint without taking space consideration from neighboring units."
joinsGroupFormations: false