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name: <值> string(s)
<释> "List of unit identifiers this unit can create. Can be buildings or units. Add ""setRally"" to create a rally button"
"name: setRally, tank, hoverTank, heavyTank"

pos: <值> float
<释> Order build link appears in this unit UI.
pos: 0.1

tech: <值> int
<释> Tech level. Mostly just affects build link colour in this unit UI. Defaults to 1.
tech: 2

forceNano: <值> bool
<释> Builds target as if it was a building if true. (even if it's a unit)
forceNano: true

isVisible: <值> LogicBoolean
<释> Hide this build link if true in this unit UI.

isLocked: <值> LogicBoolean
<释> Dynamically locks this build option and shows isLockedMessage if true.

isLockedMessage: <值> string
<释> Set to tell to players why a unit is locked.
isLockedMessage: -Needs 2 Barracks

isLockedMessage_{LANG}: <值> string
<释> isLockedMessage_es: -Necesita 2 Cuarteles

isLockedAlt: <值> LogicBoolean
<释> Another reason for this to be locked. Just allows a different message to be shown.

isLockedAltMessage: <值> string
<释> Message for isLockedAlt.
isLockedAltMessage: -Needs less energy

isLockedAlt2: <值> LogicBoolean
<释> Like isLockedAlt but to show one more message.
isLockedAlt2: if self.isMoving()

isLockedAlt2Message: <值> string
<释> Message for isLockedAlt2.
isLockedAlt2Message: -Needs to be quiet

addResources: <值> price(s)
<释> Adds these resources to self when placing the building or producing the unit.

price: <值> price(s)
<释> Overrides builded units/buildings price. Defaults to target unit prices.

isGuiBlinking: <值> LogicBoolean
<释> Generates a blinking effect in UI if true.
isGuiBlinking: true