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canAttack: <值> bool
<释> "If set to false, can not attack any unit. Regards of other canAttack options below."
canAttack: true

canAttackFlyingUnits: <值> LogicBoolean
<释> can also be narrowed per turret. Note: not required if canAttack is false.
canAttackFlyingUnits: false

canAttackLandUnits: <值> LogicBoolean
<释> can also be narrowed per turret
canAttackLandUnits: true

canAttackUnderwaterUnits: <值> LogicBoolean
<释> can also be narrowed per turret
canAttackUnderwaterUnits: false

maxAttackRange: <值> float
<释> (multiplied by globalScale)
maxAttackRange: 300

canAttackNotTouchingWaterUnits: <值> LogicBoolean
<释> Default true. If false unit can only attack units in contact with the water. Used for units with torpedos. (can also be set per turret)
canAttackNotTouchingWaterUnits: false

canOnlyAttackUnitsWithTags <值> tags
<释> Will only attack units that has the specified tags.
"canOnlyAttackUnitsWithTags: metallic, ceramic"

canOnlyAttackUnitsWithoutTags <值> tags
<释> Can only attack units without the specified tags.
"canOnlyAttackUnitsWithoutTags: corrosive, magnetic"

turretMultiTargeting <值> bool
<释> Allow each turrets to fire at a different target at the same time. Very useful if [turret]limitingAngle is used
turretMultiTargeting: true

isMelee: <值> bool
<释> "Used with a low attack range (like maxAttackRange: 9) makes src and target radius get added to range, and effects AI."
isMelee: true

meleeEngangementDistance <值> int
<释> "Makes unit move to attack nearby units. Defaults to 250 for melee, and 0 for non melee (Works even if non-melee, but might be unexpected to players)"
meleeEngangementDistance: 400

turretRotateWithBody <值> bool
<释> Are all turrets rotated when body rotates. Defaults to true
turretRotateWithBody: true

attackMovement: <值> string
<释> normal/bomber. bomber attack movement will retreat when energy runs out
attackMovement: true

dieOnAttack: <值> bool
<释> Will die when it attacks.
dieOnAttack: true

isFixedFiring: <值> bool
<释> Must aim body at target to shoot. Will often make the unit need to stop before it can aim and shoot.
isFixedFiring: true

aimOffsetSpread: <值> float
<释> Offset each shot multiplied by target radius. Defaults to 0.6. aimOffsetSpread:0 will make unit always attack center

stopTargetingAfterFiring <值> bool
<释> Unit stops targeting after firing a shot. Rarely used or needed.
stopTargetingAfterFiring: true

disablePassiveTargeting: <值> bool
<释> Unit only attacks manually ordered target. Rarely used or needed.
disablePassiveTargeting: true

showRangeUIGuide <值> bool
<释> Will it show the range indicator. Useful for showing ranges in radar and related structures.
showRangeUIGuide: true

shootDelayMultiplier <值> float
<释> Defaults to 1. Can be dynamically changed with setUnitStats
shootDelayMultiplier: 0.75

shootDamageMultiplier <值> float
<释> Defaults to 1. Can be dynamically changed with setUnitStats
shootDamageMultiplier: 2.43

turretSize: <值> float
<释> (multiplied by globalScale)

turretTurnSpeed: <值> float

shootDelay: <值> float
<释> "Global delay, can also use delay on each turret"